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Glassheads Buyer's Guide
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Glassheads Buyer's Guide


In case you're searching for straightforward, handcrafted pipes and glass art, Glassheads is outstanding amongst other sellers, to begin with at R3 Wholesale. Regardless of how you smoke, there is a piece from Glassheads made considering you.


For the concentrate connoisseur


To be a genuine focus expert, you require an entire arms stockpile of apparatuses available to you. What's more, at its focal point all? You’re preferred rig. Fortunately, Glassheads gives an exceptionally one of a kind apparatus; the "Perro" Balloon Style Rig. Glassheads pieces all have a healthy comical inclination about them, and this inflatable creature enlivened apparatus is no special case. Finish it off with a No. 2 Pencil Dabber, and you'll be harkening back to your schoolkid days each time you go for a dab.

Obviously, it's something other than the apparatus and the dabber that make the setup. That is the reason Glassheads additionally gives premium 14mm and 18mm Female Titanium Nails, made with nourishment and restorative review titanium, and ideal for conventional male oil rig joints. In the event that you've just got a fortunate nail, you can get the vogue Carb Cap with Opal to get those extravagant low temp hits. Also, to get that hot nail far from your face, the Sleek and Simple Male-to-Male Drop Down will include an additional layer of both assurance and filtration. Finish off your toolbox with the Silver Fume Worked Inside Out Color Changing Dish - this dish utilizes one of our most loved glass methods, see the working, to make a simple method to pass your focus around. It'll even change hues after some time!


For the traveling smoker


A lot of smokers are in it for the touring. There's in no way like a climb with an advanced piece. Luckily, Glassheads helps make voyaging and smoking a breeze. Searching for a sluggish outing in the Shire with a touch of hobbit leaf? Look at the Over The Hobbit Hole Gandalf-style pipe to see your smoke rings skim out finished the moving slopes. The "Shroomtastic" Mushroom Chillum Pipe is flawless and cautious for a stroll in the forested areas, while the Under the Sea Turtle Pendant makes for a delightful jewelry and keeps your shoreline trips enduring throughout the day. Or on the other hand, in case you're in it for the warmth, there's the "El Cacti" Standing Cactus Chillum Pipe, ideal for long drives through the forsake when you have your eye on the gas tank.

Obviously, in case you're searching for smooth separated hits in a hurry, Glassheads even offers a couple of movement estimated water channels to strengthen you. The "Bulbous" Fumed Sidecar Bubbler with Dots will help blossom sweethearts get greater hits in a hurry. The Carb Cap Pendant Inception Rig gives think clients a movement alternative as well, and you can even wear it ideal around your neck. Simply keep in mind to pack a water bottle!


For the foodie


Urban smokers realize that a decent toke is similarly as imperative as a decent supper. In case you're searching for an adorable and up-to-date approach to smoke while additionally praising some of your most loved treats, Glassheads thoroughly gets your desire. Begin with the Donut Hand Pipe, accessible in three luscious flavors, to truly help support your hunger. Focus clients can appreciate a mid-evening nibble with the Chili Pepper Dabber. Furthermore, for dessert? Look at the "Sweet Eclair" Chillum, ideal for two. Indeed, even veggie lovers and the lactose-narrow minded can appreciate keeping the "Utterly Cool" Spoon close by in their kitchen to liven up their dishwashing sessions.

What's the wonderful finish? Glassheads has two for you - the Sweet Cherry Pie Chillum for the individuals who jump at the chance to take it one hit at any given moment, and the White Heart Pipe With Cherry Accent, for those searching for a full bowl. Regardless of whether you're in it for the organic product itself, the 90's bridle top print sentimentality, or just beyond words Warrant fan, you're certain to put forth some sort of expression.


For the glass enthusiast


Smokers who are in it for the glass talk the R3 Wholesale dialect. What's more, nobody adores claim to fame glass like Glassheads. For your next enormous gathering, look at some of Glassheads' shine oblivious pieces. The Glow in the Dark Spoon is ideal for the conventional smoker, or look at the "Nebulous vision" Glow-In-The-Dark Gandalf Style Pipe to flavor things up a tad. On the off chance that Illuminati is more your thing, the "Notiluca" Flat Belly Illuminati Glass Chillum takes another bend on an old exemplary. Or then again in case you're in it for the sparkle, the "Dichro Slyme Donut" Spoon utilizes not simply Dichro, but rather the famous slyme glass also.

For an elective style with some perfect craftsmanship, Glassheads has alternatives for both bloom darlings and focus clients. Think clients can look at the Flying Eyeball Dabber for a spooky yet hypnotizing diversion of an eyeball. Or then again to something significantly more one of a kind, blossom clients can look at the "Hoot Owl" Animal Spoon. Not exclusively does this spoon gloat mind-blowing shading working and plan, it additionally includes two dishes - one for each eye on the owl.


For the residential smoker


A pleasant toke in the security of your own house is an unquestionable requirement for all smokers, and can even help flavor up the everyday errands and assignments that tend to develop so rapidly. The indoor plant specialist can value the Succulent Cactus Planter Spoon Pipe, a lovely understanding of an exemplary outline. Open air planters and think clients can appreciate the Savannah Bumble Bee Dabber, ideal for livening up a radiant spring day. What's more, to keep the day going, look at the Cane and Dot and Dichro Color Changing Dish, ideal for keeping both blossom and oils out on the footstool.

Numerous home-smokers are not new to the great bong either. That is the reason Glassheads offers a portion of the best downstems accessible available. The Sleek and Simple 18mm to 14.5mm Female Downstem adjusts your 18mm joint into a more flexible size, while likewise including an additional layer of dissemination. The Low Pro 18mm to 14.5mm FIre Cut Downstem does likewise, yet its one of a kind permeation gives your hits an additional light and bubbly layer to them. Or on the other hand, in case you're simply searching for another bowl that won't send your bloom tumbling down into your pipe, there's the straightforward however viable Clear Twist Dry Herb Bowl.

Next time need a high quality pipe for any event, make sure to give Glassheads a shot. Both high in quality and in work, Glassheads brings the heart into smoking each day. Furthermore, make certain to continue checking in for new items; the Glassheads list is continually growing and offering better than ever items consistently!

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