Do I have to be business to order from you?
Answer :
Yes. Our website is for bulk purchases only. Kindly include your Tax ID & business information with your first order to avoid any delays. If you are not ordering for resale, please talk to your local smoke shop about placing an order with us. Any referrals are appreciated.
Are the prices on your website wholesale?
Answer :
Yes, all the prices are for wholesale.
What is your minimum order?
Answer :
The minimum order amount is USD 1000.
What is minimum quantity per design?
Answer :
The minium order quantity for handpipes and other smoking accessories are 30-40 pcs and for the bongs, the minimum order quantity is 10-20 pcs.
How much is shipping?
Answer :
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How long it will take to get my order?
Answer :
It will take 15-20 days to get your order deliver.
What form of payments do you accept?
Answer :
We accept paypal and bank transfer.
What do I do if I received a damaged or wrong product?
Do you give credit for damaged products?
Answer goes here...
Do you take orders over the phone or by email?
Do the photos and product information on the website reflect EXACTLY what I will receive?
Are the prices including shipping by air?
Is air shipping door to door?
Do you offer sea shipping also?
Do you provide our logo on products? Is there any additional charges for logo?
Will It take extra time?
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Can you make custom designs also?
Do you see complete range of products on website?
We had put bestsellers in each category on our website.