Why Shop at an Online Headshop

That is a decent inquiry that we frequently get asked from our clients.

What's more, there are certainly contrasts between shopping at a neighborhood physical smoke shop as opposed to shopping at an online headshop like our own.

Along these lines, with an end goal to answer a few inquiries and give direction, we'll plot the distinctions.

Selection:A major contrast you will discover is determination. Furthermore, this fluctuates between online stores, as well as between singular smoke shops in your general vicinity. There are little shops, there are huge shops. There are particular shops, and there are shops of assorted types offering particular items


As an online shop, we can offer a bigger choice than generally shops.


Types of Products

Our Online Headshop

Physical Headshops

Scientific Glass

Large Selection

Smaller Selection

Heady Glass

Large range of US artists

Varies, often local artists

Acrylic Smokeware

We avoid cheap acrylic smokeware

Usually available

Glass Accessories

We carry a large range of accessories

Depends on shop

Oil Accessories

We carry a wide range of dab rigs, titanium nails, ceramic and quartz products

Depends on shop


We carry major trusted brands

Limited selection unless it's a vape shop

Grinders and other accessories

We stock a wide range of grinders and accessories like Healthstones

Depends on shop

Rolling Papers

We carry major brands of papers like Raw, Elements, Zen, and more

Often also a good selection of papers

Detox Products

We do not carry detox products

Most local smoke shops have these

Spice, Kratom, and other herbs

We do not carry these products

Depends on your local shop

Novelty Items

We generally avoid novelty products

Depends on the style of your local shop

Specialty Products

By negotiating with vendors, we can offer speciality products like portable e-nails



Prices:Here's the place the distinction regularly appears.

Begin off by envisioning every one of the costs that a retail location has.

They need to pay lease each month for their store(s).

They need to staff their stores with workers amid their open hours.

They have physical expenses related to their store, for example, nearby publicizing, support, cleaning, showcases, and so forth.

How would we know the greater part of this? We've been there. We have a physical retail location!


How we can offer better estimating


This is essential to our business. Also, we buckle down at it.

At R3 Wholesale, we can offer our clients better valuing on a bigger choice of items basically in view of our scale. We don't have every one of the expenses related to a physical store, so those investment funds get passed on to our clients.

We get approved retailer estimating or merchant evaluating with huge numbers of our makers and specialists, in this manner we can pass those funds along to you.

It's a straightforward recipe truly:


Less cost for us, implies less cost for you.


What's more, we would not joke about this.


On the off chance that you ever discover a contender evaluating an item that we offer for lower than us, let us know! We effectively value coordinate.




There's in no way like having the capacity to get your buy straightforwardly at a store. In any case, we do our best to limit the holdup time between the minute you click that buy catch, to the minute a bundle lands at your doorstep.

Our normal preparing time is 1-3 days and our FREE level rate shipping speed is 3-5 business days.

Consolidate that with our transportation arrangement:

- We supplant or discount all things softened up transportation

- We offer the chance to apply protection to shipments

- We send everything discretely


Need it considerably quicker? We additionally offer Express 1-2 Day delivering, or UPS Next Day Air shipping.


Customer Service


The issue we've all accomplished with retail locations in the absence of value staff. On the off chance that you've at any point been in a smoke shop and made inquiries about something, just for the staff part to not comprehend you, at that point you hear what we're saying.

We consider having a proficient staff essential to our administration

We altogether prepare every single individual in our organization; from the transportation staff to the client benefit staff.

In the event that you ever have an inquiry regarding your buy

Try not to dither to ask us (give us an email at info@r3wholesale.com or give us a telephone call at (+91) - 9958173594. Goodness, and you'll generally get a man - not a robot. We don't have confidence in compromising with regards to dealing with our clients.

Our staff appreciates helping clients select the correct item for them. Simply get in touch with us with your financial plan, needs, and anything to enable us to limit our hunt. We'll be glad to propose something for you. Try not to stress over asking a "dumb inquiry" - we've all been there! We trust that business ought to be a decent good example, and that begins with treating colleagues and clients alike with deference and genuineness.


We are glad to assist those with any level of understanding, from fledglings to prepared smokers.




Web-based shopping is overwhelming the world due to the comfort factor.

There's not at all like sitting with your pals getting a charge out of a smoke sesh, acknowledging you require something, and having the capacity to arrange it on the web.

Rather than attempting to discover a store that is open, only checkout with our online headshop. We'll transport out your request following day (or even same day) and you'll have it at your doorstep before you know it.

Quality Control

On the off chance that you investigated the table toward the starting, you'll see that we dodge certain things. Why? It's a matter of wellbeing and quality. While acrylic smokeware works fine and dandy, it doesn't hold up the same as glass.

There's something about warming up and smoking through plastic or acrylic that doesn't sit appropriately with us.

So while some of our rivals and physical shops may convey things that we don't have, you can be guaranteed that our items are the first rate.

Indeed, we consider quality control important.

We've delisted a lot of items sometime recently, and quit working with sellers that don't maintain our standard of value. We think this is important to the point that it's in our statement of purpose: Good Business originates from great individuals working with great individuals. We won't ever offer you an item that we ourselves would feel awkward utilizing - each item we choose to convey is weighed as an essential choice with the client (you!) at the top of the priority list.