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Why Glass Pipe Quality Control Matters
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Why Glass Pipe Quality Control Matters

Why Glass Pipe Quality Control Matters



As a novice smoker, you presumably focused in on the value purpose of pieces to pick your first water pipe. After a couple of broken low-end pipes, or seeing your companions' pipes strangely break during a session, you've found that not all pipes are made similarly. As with any type of merchandise, cheaper items usually are only cheaper up front and end up costing you more over the long haul. Take shoes for instance. You can purchase a modest match for work at regular intervals, or you can put resources into a quality combine that will last you five years. The upfront cost stings a little bit, however you're extremely saving at last by avoiding regular substitutions. The same goes for water pipes. There are a few factors that decide the quality of the piece, and they're not very hard to spot once you realize what you're searching for.


Indian Made vs. Imported


Although imported glass is regularly more affordable than Indian-made glass, the quality is typically far inferior to the unique and precisely created pieces made by in-country craftsmen. While it's valid that you may locate an astounding imported pipe and an ineffectively developed Indian pipe, we've quite recently been in the business sufficiently long to know who to trust the extent that predictable quality goes. On all item pages, you will locate the correct area where each piece was built. The majority of our items originate from Indian craftsmen, yet you may see the occasional imported piece. Rest guaranteed, every single imported piece have been legitimately checked, as we just enable the best developed pieces to trade our hands.


Glass Type


Another indication of a quality piece is the kind of glass it's developed from. Borosilicate and quartz are the most tough sorts of glass for pipe making. Quartz is in fact pure silica, while Borosilicate has a high silica content. Since quartz is very thick and costly, it is generally reserved for smaller dry hand pipes, for example, spoons. These sorts of glass are utilized for pipes since they are chemically inert, won't influence the essence of the smoke, and can endure large amounts of heat. Any glass that doesn't endure heat well, such as Soda-lime-silica, should be avoided. Try not to be reluctant to solicit your seller what type of glass a piece is produced using.


Glass Thickness


Quality pieces will have uniform thickness all around, even for beaker-bottom pipes and others that aren't only a straight tube. Obviously, included work of art will make the glass be thicker in those areas, however the main body of the pipe should in any case be uniform in thickness. Thin spots are frail spots, and will be more powerless to breaking up those areas if dropped or misused. Unique areas of concern with regards to glass thickness are at the joints. If they appear to be thin, free, or unusually harsh, it's best to avoid the piece out and out. Joints are the most widely common parts to break on a water pipe, so they shouldn't be ignored while picking another piece.




While it's typical for there to be slight flaws in a hand-made piece, there are a few defects that can make a piece break all the more effortlessly and are warnings for any potential purchasers. One of these blemishes is scratches. An anomalous measure of scratches shows that the job was surged and may not be as high of value. Numerous craftsmen hurl their pieces that endure an excessive number of scratches amid the development procedure, so this ordinarily won't be an issue if purchased from a local artist. Another defect to keep an eye out for is bubbles. Bubbles can appear in joints and different spots where two bits of glass have been welded together. A few little bubbles are nothing to worry about, yet bigger bubbles and heaps of bubbles will debilitate the glass in those regions. Really superb pieces will have no bubbles at the welds.


Carbs on Hand Pipes


For hand pipes particularly, the carb diameter should be bigger than the diameter of the gap at the base of the bowl. Littler carb gaps will make it harder to clear, while bigger carbs give more airflow through the piece to clear the smoke easier. Quality hand pipes will guarantee that the carb opening is bigger than the gap in the bowl.


Glass is a sensitive material, however well-made designs aren't generally as delicate as their cheaply made counterparts. With regards to glass, quality ought to be the main factor when choosing which piece you get next. In case you’re going to invest into a water pipe, it should be one you can get the most use out of.

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