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Why Choose a Bubbler?
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Why Choose a Bubbler?

Hand pipes are obtainable in many different shapes and sizes, from the iconic sherlock to heavy-hitting steamrollers. The movability and simple nature of hand pipes build them a typical feature in each smoker’s arsenal. although hand pipes are a classic and reliable thanks to smoke, they sometimes don’t give any type of filtration. This tends to be a retardant for smokers checking out swish smoke seshes— and this is often precisely wherever the bubbler fits in.

Why select a bubbler?
Bubblers provide all of the convenience and movability of a dry pipe with the additional advantage of filtration. Plus, a bubbler will even as simply perform as a dry pipe— simply don’t add water! Bubblers conjointly tend to seem a lot of ornate than customary hand pipes as they need a basin-like bowl to carry water. This style allows glass blowers to urge a bit crazier with bubbler shapes than they may with a spoon, creating bubblers a visible alternative for glass collectors.

What sorts of filtration do bubblers offer?
Most bubblers have easy diffusers with no over 3 holes. albeit these diffusers don't seem to be terribly sophisticated, they are doing an outstanding job of cooling smoke for AN ultra-smooth hit. Bubblers are basically a transportable water pipe, what a lot of may you want!?

Sesh offer is that the solely company systematically making elaborate percolators inside bubblers. They presently provide the subsequent 2 styles:
Sesh Supply’s “Castor”
Sesh offer "Castor"

The “Castor” bubbler sports Sesh Supply’s signature Cube perc. This awful perc encompasses a total of six slots for pleasant bubbler seshes. The “Castor” options colored work on the lip and perc obtainable in many totally different colors together with Illuminati and Red Dot. This useful hand pipe is 3 and a 0.5 inches long, creating it the proper travel pipe.
Sesh Supply’s “Pollux”
Sesh offer "Pollux"

The “Pollux” is that the massive brother to the “Castor.” This mighty bubbler options constant color picks because the “Castor” however sports Sesh Supply’s propeller perc for additional percolation. The four purpose propeller perc spins once air is forced through it, delivering AN exceptionally distinctive bubbler expertise. No different bubbler on the market possesses a spinning perc, therefore don’t miss the chance to have the world’s most useful hand pipe!

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