What's the Best Way to Store Your Stash?
Aug 2018

Benefits of Using a Stash Jar
Many smokers will choose to use or carry around a stash jar to keep all of their dry herbs or legal concentrates together in one place. Not only does this add some convenience and portability, the right stash jar will even extend the longevity of your stash. Keeping your pre-ground herbs together will make things easy and save time when you’re on the go or with your friends, ensuring that your next sesh is hassle- and worry-free!

Preserving Concentrates
Storage types will vary depending on whether you are storing legal concentrates or dry herbs. Legal concentrates can be a little trickier due to their nature; since concentrates can easily collect oils and moisture from fingers and other surroundings, they must be kept on a non-stick surface. Air exposure and light can quickly degrade legal concentrates, which is why a contained storage unit is preferable to parchment paper or Ziploc bags. Proper insulation keeps light and humidity away from your concentrates, but it also keeps them from getting too warm, thus making them easier to handle with a dabber tool.

Preserving Dry Herbs
Dry herbs, being plant matter, can have their own storage tricks. The optimum temperature for preserving dry herbs is at 77-86 degrees Fahrenheit and at under 65% humidity. A simple Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Packet is designed for the purpose of preserving herbs and tobacco, and throwing one of these packs into your stash jar will do a world of difference. Like concentrates, dry herbs must be protected from harmful UV rays and properly insulated to prevent degradation. A tightly sealed container can also keep your stash nice and smell-proof, which adds a nice layer of discretion for anyone looking to travel with their herbs on hand.

Stash Jars on R3 Wholesale
If you’re storing dry herbs, you’ll want to look for containers that focus on preservation. A simple and stylish glass stash jar is R3 Wholesales very own Peach Logo Stash Jar. This jar is especially great for dry herbs that have already been ground, allowing you to sprinkle your dry herbs directly into your flower bowl in one simple step. Another option is the CVault Storage Container, which keeps the humidity exactly at 62 degrees with a little container for your Boveda pack. Both options will keep your dry herbs fresh and easy to access.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to storing concentrates is keeping them in a container where they will not get stuck or make a mess. This is fairly simple with waxy oils. You can pick up a silicone container from Budderblocks, such as the Small Stackable Silicone Container. Thin oils are a little bit trickier, but thankfully High Tech Glassworks and Sky High have combined to make these Extra Large Oil Barrel Silicone Containers that make storing large quantities of especially thin wax a breeze.

No matter what your storage needs be, R3 Wholesale has your back in ensuring the longevity and freshness of your stash.

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