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Glass Thickness And Quality
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Glass Thickness And Quality

When purchasing a glass piece, there are heaps of critical elements to consider. Strangely, a standout amongst the most critical is the most disregarded; glass thickness and quality. We should discuss the glass quality first...

Glass Quality

Glass quality is critical regarding clearness and quality. The higher nature of glass, the more grounded and more flawless the glass will be. Glass quality is controlled by the material of glass, and the aptitude level of the glass blower.

Most brand name pieces, and those made in the USA, will be made of excellent borosilicate glass; while certain tubes at your neighborhood head shop are no doubt made of low-quality Chinese-glass.

The higher quality glass will be considerably more tough than the lower. The ability level of the blower can be controlled by essentially taking a gander at the piece-clean joint welds are indications of skilled glass blowers.

Glass Thickness
Glass thickness influences the weight and strength of a piece. Glass thickness is checked in millimeters, normally extending from 3mm to 9mm, with 9mm being the thicker of the two. Thicker glass implies a more sturdy, heavier piece. The weight of the glass is to a greater extent an individual inclination, however, heavier pieces do have a feeling of value to them.

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On the off chance that it comes down to it, it's smarter to have higher quality glass than thicker glass. A piece could be 9mm thick, yet in the event that the glass is low quality, it will probably break than a 4mm thick piece with higher quality glass.

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