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Ash Catcher
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Ash Catcher

What is an Ash Catcher?
An ash catcher is an adjunct designed to be simply supplemental to (or removed from) your favorite flower tube. you'll be asking yourself, “why to purchase an ash catcher?” no one likes to hit a grimy pipe, for starters! Ash catchers change even the foremost relaxed smokers to stay their favorite water pipes and daily drivers considerably cleaner. They work as a vessel to catch nasty residues and alternative byproducts of smoking - resulting in larger and higher tasting rips from your favorite bong. Ash catchers are typically loaded up with scientific percs to filter your smoke before it hits the most chamber and coffeepot of your ring. additional percs = smoother rips. we all know you silly stoners are forever looking for a smoother hit, therefore purchase an ash catcher through R3 Wholesale to create your favorite glass bong stack even additional bubbles!

When selecting an ash catcher for your favorite water pipe, it’s necessary to grasp the subsequent data to create certain you get the right ash catcher for your pipe! Note: Our article Everything you wish to grasp regarding Glass Joint Sizes and Shapes covers joint gender and size - be at liberty to check the article out for a general clarification regarding water pipe joints and nomenclature.

First: Joint Size
The glass on glass water pipe joint sizes are standardized since their inception and might solely be one amongst the subsequent 3 sizes: 10mm, 14mm, 18mm. If you have got an Illadelph water pipe with a 14mm joint, you'll solely purchase an Illadelph ash catcher of a similar size, unless you propose to use adapters. we have a tendency to suggest against the utilization of adapters for ash catchers as they add weight (more data on it soon) and might complicate easy set-ups.

Second: Joint Gender
Water pipe joints are either male or female and wish to be paired with their various counterpart. Remember, opposites attract! therefore, to continue the instance on top of, if you have got a 14mm male joint on your Illadelph tube, you wish a 14mm female joint on your Illadelph ash catcher. this permits the ash catcher joint to take a seat on the tube’s joint, leaving an ideal and tight match.

Third: Joint Angle
Water pipe joints are originated on either a ninety degree or forty-five-degree angle. just like the joint sizes, these additionally got to match. So, if your favorite Illadelph tube includes a 14mm male joint that sits at a ninety-degree angle, you want to purchase a 14mm Illadelph ash catcher with a ninety-degree female joint. If you were to get a forty-five-degree ash catcher, it'll not suit your tube.

Other Tips: Weight
Another necessary think about selecting an ash catcher for your water pipe is weight. If you have got any low water pipe standing but 10 inches, you can’t purchase a massive six-inch tall ash catcher. this is often as a result of the ash catcher would build your piece unstable, increasing the chance of an accident and breakage. On the contrary, large bongs are typically paired with giant ash catchers to stay the aesthetic consistent. ensure to keep the dimensions and strength of your bong in mind once buying an ash catcher to stop any risky situations! Remember ash catchers area unit chiefly designed to be used with flower tubes. the character of concentrates and up to date trends towards nano rigs prevent ash catchers from being ideal for oil set-ups.

We hope that creates things simple after you identify your next ash catcher with R3 Wholesale. If you have got any queries or issues be at liberty to urge connected with our client Support specialists for any facility. Happy Smoking!

Fitting Your Ashcatcher

Note: Our Basic Guide to Ashcatchers covers many percs popularly employed in ash catchers. Check it bent on learning additional regarding inline ash catchers, turbine ash catchers, and ash catchers with removable down stems!

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