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All About Genius Pipes
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All About Genius Pipes

Well, what's it?
The clue is within the name! Water pipes are being ignored because the Genius Pipe is that the latest invention in smoking technology. Marketed because the pipe of the longer term, the fabric the pipe is created from may be a scratch-free and nearly indestructible anodized aluminium. The Genius Pipe wants no cables, no batteries, no further joints or adapters. It's simply a discreet pipe designed to suit in any pocket or purse and comes in a style of colors and styles. Genius.

The Genius Pipe has solely 3 basic items. 2 slides use magnets to stay together; on one slide you have got your bowl and also the alternative closes the pathway to make an airway on to the hole, that is made once the 2 are magnetized along. The last piece may be a colorful aluminium slide which will slide over the bowl to extinguish the flame. A bang-up very little appliance, however, it’s the ability behind it that produces the Genius Pipe such a desirable tool.

How am I imagined to use it?
The Genius Pipe employs patented technology utilized in cooling nuclear reactors, to keep your high-speed fans super quiet, in military supersonic jets, on sports helmets, and on fuel-efficient cars. This technology is thought as “dimple technology.” On the within of every slide, the Genius Pipe uses 2000 little dimples within the aluminum (not like the feel of a golf ball) to cool down the smoke and capture tar, oil, and resin before it will even reach your lips.

To use the Genius Pipe, simply slip the 2 magnetic slides apart and sprinkle your dry herbs within the mesh web, no would like for a pipe screen! Then lightweight the herbs and inhale as you'd with the other handpipe, and slide the aluminum cover over the bowl to extinguish the flame. Not solely can this contain your herbs, it'll keep your pipe smell-free and discreet.
The Genius Pipe is economical as well; their website advertises every Genius container to be around ten about hits and warns that veterans shouldn’t pull too hard or they could accidentally get one amongst the most important hits of their life. a good warning.

Golly, is it exhausting to stay clean?
The Genius Pipe isn't exhausting to stay clean at all! in reality, it's quite presumably the simplest handpipe to stay clean because of its 2 simply separated magnetic items. All you have got to try and do is open up you’re Genius Pipe and remove the tar and resin! For particularly dire things, the Genius Pipe will be soaked in alcohol to assist relax any troublesome rosin or buildup. It’s as simple to wash because it is to use.
That sounds awful and conjointly too sensible to be true.
It’s true, alright. The Genius Pipe has been lauded for its spectacular health advantages, easy use, and discreet style. If the Genius Pipe is that the pipe of the longer term, then the smoker of the longer term will expect a time period of cool, clean, and healthy hits from much anyplace. you'll get your Genius Pipe online here at R3 Wholesale, and that we suppose that it’s a worthy investment for a hand pipe that may last you a great many years to return.

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